09 April 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. My fun packages have started arriving! Today I got the t-shirt and tote bag I earned in a sales contest for February, as well as a sample box of the Mothers' Day assorted chocolates from my chocolate biz. Yay!
  2. I waste so much more time with Bejeweled Blitz than I should need to. It takes about a kajillion attempts to just log into the games section of Facebook. Rat bastards. It would only take me a minute to play a quick game....
  3. I'm excited about my Essential Bodywear party in a week and a half!
  4. Every time I sit down at my desk I see a check that I keep forgetting to deposit from a party earlier this week. I need to more the darn thing by the door and/or my purse so it gets to the credit union before I need it...
  5. I keep meaning to confirm a date with hubby, but we're having a couples WineShop at Home party next month.
  6. The people I was hoping we'd run into at story time at the coffee shop weren't there this morning. Darn. Haven't seen them in a couple months, but I'd feel weird contacting them out of the blue.
  7. Next week gymnastics starts back up again. I hope Maggie enjoys it as much as she did last session.
  8. Next weekend I start another home job again. I should use the time up until then to get all the rest of my ducks in a row!
  9. I hope the weather warms up again soon!!
  10. I'm still waiting for:
    • my Vistaprint label order
    • my Booster sticker and postcard order
    • my Crop Chocolate order
    • my Dove Chocolate supply order
    • the clipboards (20!) I earned in the April sales contest

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