08 April 2010

Safety Girl

As complicated as my random health issues sound, I'm generally the one in our marriage with 'safer' hobbies. Scrapbooking? Reading? Not a lot of serious injuries here. Hubby is luckily getting less daring with his skiing, and he's so good with most of his automotive stuff that things sounding dangerous for others turn out okay for him. But this weekend we're switching places, sort of.

I'm going bowling. I'm assuming I'll be all right, but the other folks at the alley may want to check life insurance rates. The old joke when I dated a guy for a while who liked going bowling was that I'm a happy bowler. If I throw a gutter ball, I'm happy the ball stayed in the alley. If I throw it into an adjoining lane, I'm happy I threw in the right direction. If I unfortunately propel the ball behind me, I'm happy when no one gets hurt...you get the picture.

While I'm still pretty confident in my safety, I hope all bystanders are okay after my afternoon out this weekend :)


siteseer said...

have fun and don't break any fingernails :)

matt m said...

Me and my family love bowling, we usually go every Saturday for Glow Bowl night, the little ones get a real kick out of it.