06 April 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's almost time for Maggie's nap, and then my to-do list truly starts. I've got a bunch of calls to make, some cleaning to do, some stuff to get ready to mail and ideally I should start packing for my chocolate show tomorrow evening. I feel bad, because all my mental planning for so much to do in a short period of time really detracts from the time I spend with Maggie. I wish I could focus more on the moment, you know?

When we first got up this morning, we had no internet, and in turn, no VoIP (translation: phone). I stressed out a lot worrying about all the stuff I wouldn't be able to accomplish. Luckily once I unplugged and replugged the boxes in in the office, it all started working again.

I figured out this morning that I've been driving around for several days without my drivers' license. Oops. They're still in hubby's wallet from when I gave them to him last week at the hospital.

I had to quit wearing bandaids on my groin/cath site. The skin is getting too sensitive! After almost a week of adhesive residue, it hurts around the site more than at the site, because the skin is so abused from the constant friction of bandages/bandaids. So far, so good.

I'm out of Cherry Coke. This is how I know the grocery shopping will get done this week. Priorities, people.


Carolyn said...

that would be me and Diet Coke. Which I am currently out of by the way.

siteseer said...

you certainly have a lot on the ball. Good thing you're a good juggler :)

Tammy said...

What are you going to do if they put a tax on pop? Will you drink less Cherry Coke? Glad to hear you are feeling so good! Everything always gets done so don't worry :)

Anonymous said...

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