04 March 2010

The Skinny On....

I'm not sure if you've picked up on it here over the years, but I love direct sales. It makes sense to me and I usually enjoy doing it. What you put into your business is what you get out. Not much in life is that fair.

For anyone else you know who is in direct sales for whatever reason, I had to tell you about a book I just finished reading. I won it over on Best of Boards (a direct sales forum that I'm active on and also recommend). The book is called the skinny on direct sales - your first 100 days. Sure, it says your first 100 days, but if you pick up this book and actually apply the tips in it at any time in your business, you'll begin reaping more rewards! The tips about building your contact list, gaining referrals, and time management always apply. The book is also written in a very-to-read, almost graphic-novel style. It's about Beth, who is starting her direct sales journey, and it directly addresses the challenges in the first few months of her business. Beth (the mail character of the book) also has her own blog. Check it out here.

Although direct sales is my thing, The Skinny On has something for you on a variety of other topics as well including success, willpower, persuasion, real estate and time management. Check em out!


gail said...

I'm not sure I am exactly direct sale sbout that might apply to me?

siteseer said...

I give direct sales people a lot of credit... that's a lot of work and not always a steady income. My psyche is much to sensitive to take that kind of rejection on a regular basis. Glad there's a book out there that is so informative.