04 March 2010

Adorable Maggie

Maggie and I went to the gymnastics open gym this morning. She just loves running around and playing on the equipment, and I can't complain about how much better my back feels standing or sitting on that squishy floor!

I kept trying to get a picture when Maggie would dive onto the cushion at the end of the trampoline. Her pants have a picture of a cat's face on the butt, but it was usually covered by her tutu. Until she dove. Then the cat had a little purple tutu hat on. It was adorable, and I only regret that I probably looked like some sort of perv repeatedly trying to take pictures of my daughter's butt.

Oh, to be a toddler again. No worrying about getting rid of belly fat - their little round bellies are exactly what they're supposed to be! And that energy - if we could bottle that up, eh?


Laane said...

Ah, she's lovely! Such a lot of expression at her face. :)

Can't find your entrecard widget. :(

Court D said...

I've been debating putting Kaiya in either dancing or gymnastics, seeing this little look though really makes me want to get on it!

siteseer said...

I didn't know you could speak Canadian eh? You can really see that she LOVES gymnastics! What a fun time for the two of you. And how great is it to form a love for something physical so early in life.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I wish you had gotten that butt shot! Oh well. this is a cute one too! She looks a lot like you in the pic. :-)