16 March 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


What a hectic week already! I totally forgot to take (or post, obviously) a picture of the day for my 365 Blog! Only the third day I've missed so far this year, with the first two being due to me being miserably sick after medical procedures. Darn :(

We bought The Princess and the Frog today. I love it, and so does Maggie! We were supposed to have a play date this evening, and I reminded her of it right before her nap. Unfortunately the hostess' daughter has strep throat, and we found out during Maggie's nap. The first words from Maggie's mouth when she woke up were, "Play date?" Umm....no. So I bought her off with the movie :) I hope Mimi and Papa enjoy watching it this weekend too!

Maggie's new activity to ask for is a 'walk at the mall.' Oh, yes. I have no idea where she picked that up :D

Maggie is now in bed and keeps yelling things at me. I just started to print a document and when she heard the printer she yelled, "What are you doing?" When I told her I was working and she should go to sleep please, she said, "Okay!" I'm not sure how sleepy she may be when she keeps yelling like that :P

If the weather is so nice again tomorrow I'm thinking we may walk to Walgreen's to get the swim diapers we need for swim class tomorrow night. We'll see. But we have no other plans during the day, so it's definitely an option.

As the awesome picture shows, we had gymnastics class this morning. Maggie is listening much better now that she's not confusing open gym with gymnastics class (I've decided to stop taking her to open gym as long as we're in gymnastics class). This picture (and a bunch of others) was taken by the mom of another student in her class. She said next week she'll bring her 'real' camera instead of her little point and shoot. Some of the pictures may eventually make it to the website the gymnastics center is currently making. The teacher helping Maggie in the picture is Ms Val.

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