17 March 2010

To-Do List (the rest of whatever week this is...)

Didn't I tell you I'm already too busy this week? I'm forgetting things left and right. Besides being busy, I'm stressed out and can't accomplish a lot of the things I'd like to until after my cardiology appointment on Friday (when they'll HOPEFULLY schedule my heart procedure). For the rest of this week, though.. I need to:
  • Mail thank-you card to last weekend's chocolate party hostess
  • Make thank-you postcards for last weekend's chocolate party guests who I have addresses for (which really isn't very many - most of them just gave me their name and cash...)
  • Mail extra invite postcards to next weekend's chocolate party hostess
  • Apply best wrinkle cream frequently. Maggie climbed up on my lap yesterday to see the dry, flaky skin under my eyes when I wasn't wearing makeup and said, "Mommy has a boo-boo." Thanks, kid.
  • Prepare chocolate show folders for this Saturday's chocolate party.
  • Pack samples and cash-n-carry chocolate items for jewelry party I'm going to Friday, where I was invited to set up a small chocolate display.
  • Call MIL and confirm that she's coming over to go to swim class with Maggie.
I think that hits all the high points....

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siteseer said...

at least you have it all listed. I keep forgetting so many things only because I don't have them written down. Can't forget to write check and mail bills!!! I only do a couple this way and they are a big nuisance