16 March 2010

What Works for You?

I was talking to a friend over lunch about diets that work - or trying to find them, anyway! Her husband just did the South Beach diet, but she said she doesn't like all the meat it wants you to eat. We figured out that our idea of a 'diet' is usually trying to eat the right things, especially since our kids are watching! If my daughter knew how much I really prefer junk food, we'd be in trouble! I think everything in moderation is usually okay, but the moderation is so hard to maintain sometimes....

If you could have anything to eat tonight, what would it be? I'll be having the last of my leftover Funky Shrimp Stir Fry from Saturday night's dinner at the Mongolian BBQ place. Last night was leftover steak. It sounds like this week I'm eating well!

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