11 March 2010

Ladies Who Laugh...

I'm so excited! I was selected as a House Party hostess for the Ladies Who Laugh party from Poise. Never mind the fact that I'd rather not discuss light bladder leakage on my blog - we get to make a funny video and submit to win a trip! If you're not a House Party member yet, get over there! I've had several parties, as well as attending parties friends have had. It's always a good time!

So far I've even found another fun blog through reading other hostess comments on the party site. Check out Stinky Flowers. Very funny reading! Sometimes I feel like my life is funny, but when it's in swing I usually don't have much time to blog the details, you know?

Blogger's block has been hitting me a lot lately. I used to think reading blogs I really loved would help move me out of it, but I'm beginning to suspect they mostly just intimidate me. See? I just sat here for a couple minutes thinking about what to write next. The thoughts that come to my mind are too personal to share with strangers, or too personal to share with the people I know in real life who read this blog, or not at all personal, and just boring. Where is the happy medium?

Forget about that last paragraph - back to laughing! What makes you laugh? Let me know - I'm planning a party that's sure to be full of laughs :D


siteseer said...

I think I laugh most at everyday occurances that people think only happen to them. Let's face it there are no new experiences lol. Just different faces to go with them.

Shannon and Randy said...

You'll have to explain more about this House Party to me, I've never heard of it! I've had the same sentiments about writing a book -- it would be easier to write it under a fake name because in order to be honest and write the best stuff I can think of, I wouldn't want my friends, family and people I work with to read it either and know it was me!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Hi Becki... just dropping by for a quick visit... good luck on winning that trip!

A Lil Enchanted,