12 March 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Whoa. I almost missed Friday there, didn't I?
  2. I've got my paperwork mostly packed for tomorrow's chocolate show. I just need to pack my samples and giveaways tomorrow morning.
  3. I'm rocking out to my Death Cab for Cutie channel on Pandora tonight. Go, me.
  4. I went to my cardiologist appointment this morning to find out that I need to go see the next specialist next Friday to schedule my actual procedure. Oh, and instead of a large ASD, I now have a very large ASD. Go, me?
  5. I believe I've lined up all the wonderful friends and family to watch Maggie (or in one case, do one of my non-favorite activities with her) while hubby's gone. There's one more I'm going to call, but it's not for almost three weeks, so I'm waiting til after this weekend to call her.
  6. One nice thing about not trying to get pregnant right now is chilling out with a Southern Comfort and Coke. Yum, me.
  7. Don't forget Sunday, March 14 is Steak and BJ Day (adults only - refers to a sex act...). Just putting that out there.
  8. Last night and tonight, when we've tried to get Maggie ready for bed she wants to wear her animal pjs. Unfortunately I just bought them yesterday at Target and still need to wash them. I can't wait to see her in them, and she'll be so excited!
  9. Maggie and I almost got to go to the new bounce house in the mall today, but their credit card machine was down, and I was planning to use my debit card to pay the whomping $5 fee. A good move on their part would have been to have us in 'on-the-house' and this would now be a glowing post about them. Instead we walked around the mall since I didn't want to use the nearby ATM to draw out $20 and pay a fee. Maybe I'll go back there another time. Maybe I'll just keep going to the Jungle Java a few miles away.
  10. I'm getting ready to send a bunch of postcards to folks who have considered becoming chocolatiers in the past. Dove brought back the special introductory kit that's only $79! You'll make that back within one average show, with change leftover! Talk about a risk-free trial ;)

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