09 March 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I am having an entirely blah week so far. I know it's only Tuesday, but these blahs are pretty excessive already. I can't handle any resistance at all, and I keep stumbling across stuff I didn't realize I use so much, that isn't yet installed on the computer (since it's all cleaned up like a shiny new penny now). And I feel like such a moron as I stumble around trying to get it to work.

I'm so glad it's finally warming up and the snow is going away. So. Glad. Course now that means I keep being overly optimistic and trying to leave the house without a coat. Until I realize I'm freezing and hurry back for at least my light jacket. I bit back my fury the other evening when the guys said it was nice out and Maggie didn't need any more than her sweatsuit jacket. Then her wittle fingers started turning blue. Lesson learned. Mom decides who needs a coat and gloves.

I still need to bake chocolate cookies for my party on Saturday. Don't let me forget.

I'm quite annoyed that PBS has re-done their schedule. We used to watch Maya and Miguel, and then it was naptime. Now the kids' programming stops at like 12:30 - well before our 3PM naptime.

We go see the cardiologist again this Friday for the referral to the pediatric cardiologist who will fix me up once and for all. I'm in a hurry to get the procedure done because I'm really, really hoping it will give me more energy. I need more energy.

I'm actually feeling quite random today, apparently, but it's time to go box up the orders I was trying to sort in the living room (unfortunately I'm unable to print the labels I need) and wake up Maggie so we can eat something before our 6:30 PM playdate.


siteseer said...

I thought your referral appt was Tuesday. Good to know. Did you talk with Tammy? She wants you to bring chocolate stuff to her party. Hang on there, spring is coming.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Bake chocolate cookies for your party Saturday. ;)

You guys are on a late schedule! 3 pm nap and 6:30 playdate, wow! We do 12:00 nap and 6:30 bedtime. :-) Hope you had fun at the playdate.