26 February 2010

Snow, Snow....GO AWAY!

I know there are good parts about living in the great white north of Michigan (at least it's white this year!). We don't have earthquakes like California, and you know, Chicago a few weeks ago... We don't have hurricanes. We don't need pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney - since no one sane is riding a motorcycle in our slushy frozen tundra. We also don't have the creepy bugs that flourish in warmer climates (but we won't talk about mosquitos).

What do you love or hate about where you live? I don't have much comparison basis - I've been within a half hour of here for the vast majority of my life.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

It's really not fair for me to contribute... San Diego is pretty much perfect. It's mild all the time - not too hot, not too cold. Not dry but not humid (thus, no creepy bugs).

I suppose I have some complaints about the people... it can be a little shallow here. Most of the people you see out in public are perfectly put together - make-up, hair, designer clothes. Or at least it seems that way when you're "fashion-challenged" like I am! I try not to worry about it, tho.

Otherwise, I love it. We have urban stuff (close to major airport, theater, awesome restaurants, diversity) but we also have outdoorsy stuff (beach, mountains, canyons, open space, parks).

Guess these are the reasons it's so expensive to live here.

Shannon M. Smith said...

Jennifer, I used to live in San Diego and everything you say is sooooo true. There really is not more perfect weather anywhere else. I felt like I lived on the other side of the world though with the 3 hour time difference and feeling so far away is why I moved back closer to home. I wish I was in San Diego now...the snow here is getting old!