26 February 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm tired of the snow. It stopped me from going to a play date I was really looking forward to today. Bad snow, bad!
  2. Which leaves me really worried about getting to Disney on Ice tomorrow. And I've been really looking forward to that too!
  3. I think I've had a crappy enough week - I deserve some fun and so does Maggie!
  4. I'm not worried about missing the comedy club tonight because hubby will drive his car, and nothing stops him.
  5. I'm afraid the snow is also frightening people into canceling plans for next month - like their chocolate parties! I've suddenly got open dates and leftover chocolate martinis - want to schedule a show and help me use up my surplus of goodies?
  6. Maggie went to bed with a wet head last night and now I can't get all the tangles out :( I think we'll go for one more forced brushing and put in a pony tail.
  7. Even when Maggie gives me trying days, I still want to get all my cardiac stuff taken care of ASAP and try to get pregnant again. What a struggle.
  8. "Maggie - Get the dinglehopper out of your hair and eat your noodles!"
  9. I'm in the mood to watch Princess and the Frog again. Anyone know when it comes out on DVD? (Yes, I know the wise and powerful Google probably knows.)
  10. How could anyone not enjoying having stories read to them? I'm completely mesmerized by Reading Betwen the Lions reading Trosclair to me right now...


Tammy said...

I'm very sick of the snow too! I'm very ready for spring :)

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

What's this thing you call "snow?" ;-) I know, I'm terrible! I really do feel for you tho...

What's a dinglehopper???

Becki said...

Hahahaha....the dinglehopper is what the seagull calls a fork in The Little Mermaid. Maggie had her fork in her hair. Again.

Denise said...

How does March 16th sound to you?