27 February 2010

A Fun Winter Memory

As much as I gripe about the cold and snow, I had to put up one of my favorite winter pictures. Maggie asks a few times a week to go out and sled or make a 'snowman' (her definition is pretty liberal - she just wants to hold a piece of snow). Unfortunately, other than Maggie's cuteness, none of these activities hold any appeal for me. Luckily her daddy feels the opposite. He loves the cold and snow, and all the fun activities they can do outside.

On Monday he hurried home from work to get back while there was still a bit of daylight so he could build a wonderful snowman with his favorite helper. We made sure to get some pictures of the snowman, including its hair, arms and face. Maggie still asks about him every time we come home, "Is that my snowman?" Why yes, Maggie, it is.

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