12 January 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yesterday Maggie and I made bird treats (big pretzels dipped in peanut butter and bird seed) and today I hung them outside, but there are no birds. Where are the birds??

I think I just may eat cocoa fudge until I throw up today. Yum! I made it yesterday and it turned out right on the first batch (this doesn't happen every time...).

Hubby got his new blog going. It's Lost Ski Slopes of Old about old, abandoned (or destroyed and rebuilt as something else...) ski slopes in Michigan. We've only checked out one so far. It was pretty and peaceful, and a beautiful day when we went exploring.

Luckily I think I've eliminated most of the 'naughty' words from my day-to-day grumblings, but I can tell what I'm still saying by Maggie acting like my little mirror. Last night at dinner she dropped some chicken off her fork. While focusing on picking it up again, she said, "Shoot. Oh, Maggie." I still laugh just remembering it.

Hubby has said I should post the funny conversation in our living room over the weekend. Maggie has started calling the old toilet paper rolls 'pirates' and she looks through them like a periscope of sorts. She handed one to Uncle Bunny (who is blind in one eye - this is very important to the funny part of the story). He held it up to his bad eye and complained that he couldn't see a thing. We're so used to him, I figured he was just joking til hubby said, "Try the other eye." Completely tasteless, but funny. We're lucky to have our Uncle Bunny and his sense of humor.

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Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I'm waiting for the day mine drops an F bomb - and with my luck, it will be when my in-laws are around or something - I swear it's DH and those dratted video games! lol