13 January 2010

Time to Get Fancy?

I know I've mentioned it here before, but I'm planning on upgrading my blog a bit - soon! I'm waiting now for some funds that are on their way, then I'll get my 'own' domain and talk to the person who will design it for me.

I read an article in Parents magazine yesterday about 'famous' mommy bloggers. I've read these sort of articles before, and while part of me loves the anonymity of my lil blog, a part of me of course asks why I can't be rich and famous for my blog. Am I not using the best seo software? Is my writing, well, bad?
Looking over their list of the big-time mommies, I realized something. There's not a single one that I read regularly. A few I've checked out once or twice, but I've never kept going because they - quite frankly - weren't writing what I wanted to read. So there's my answer, in black and white. What I find interesting to read and write about isn't what the masses find appealing.

On that note, I'll keep writing what I like and need to write. I would rather have sincere readers who like what I enjoy writing than masses of readers chasing some persona I'd have to create to be one of the big ones.

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Thena said...

Amen!!! I totally agree with you. And personally I don't want to read those that seem fake. Get real four or more kids, a spotless house, exercise time, and time to blog and go all these wonderful places. That's not too believable.