29 January 2010

Interesting Book

I just started reading a book from an author I've read before. Jasper Fforde has some of the most imaginative fiction I've ever read! The book I'm in right now is Shades of Grey, and it ranks all citizens by the colors they can see. The Greys (as people, not colors) are at the bottom of the social ranking, then Reds, and so-on and so-forth right up to the Purples (I think...). They talk about stuff left over from the Previous (which sounds like 'real' life to me), but they aren't allowed to have real engines or things like Ferrari parts, for example, because access to these things would tempt people to try and do things above their rank, like use their imagination.

It's an odd sort of book, and I'm pretty sure it heads to the point where the main character starts breaking all the crazy 'rules' of his color. He's already living in some outlying area doing a chair census because of some infraction. Yes, a chair census. What an author, to think these things up!

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Tammy said...

This book does sound a little strange but interesting.