29 January 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Tonight is the 'wolf moon.' (The link is a pretty interesting read - I'd recommend it...)
  2. Maggie and I were considering going to a party tonight, but then I realized I'm busy for a lot of days going forward, so tonight we're staying home.
  3. Last couple days of a $79 starter kit with Dove! (Ends January 31)
  4. My to-do list for today/tomorrow morning has 17 items on it! Yikes!
  5. I'm nervous and excited to finally be doing an in-home chocolate tasting tomorrow! Over the holidays everything was formatted differently, so it's good to get back to doing it 'old school.'
  6. I had gotten so excited when I found the whole 52 to Fabulous stuff last night that I forgot to attribute it correctly. After her comment I remembered that I first saw it at MommaDJane's. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for posting about something that looks like it'll be very rewarding!
  7. I finally called to schedule my initial consult for my health thing. It's a heart defect that's been there forever, but is now diagnosed. The cardiologist can't get me in until February 19 - whoa! Thanks to the friend who passed along the anecdotal story that they had a friend with the same thing, and once it was fixed she felt much better! How great would that be to feel better, when I never knew I was feeling bad?
  8. I wrote the above without disclosing it was a heart issue at first, and all the mystery made it sound like an STD. So I decided to just say what the problem was instead of you all assuming something with more stigma :D
  9. This blog post is actually one of the 17 items on my to-do list, so I'm finally writing because I should be, instead of because I'm procrastinating. You see what I did there? :P
  10. Your TMI for the day? Every time Maggie poops, she insists it's just a "tiny one" (with the 'i' in tiny super drawn out). Then I have to show it to her, and no matter how unbelievably huge it sometimes is, she still confirms after seeing it that it was just a "tiny one."

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