16 January 2010

I Must Be Excited

I start a class of sorts at a church tomorrow. I know I've been looking forward to it, and I even finished my homework before the very morning it's due! We're looking at women's roles in society and religion, to cover it loosely.

The reading assignment for class tomorrow was just a page and a half printout, but it covered some pretty darn powerful information. Women used to be in charge of a heck of a lot more than we are now. They ran the village/community/whatever frequently while the men were out doing their hunting and gathering thing.

The part of the reading that I'm betting will really touch a lot of women in class is the objectification and sexualization of women in today's society. Not only are women's bodies set up as sexual parts on a regular basis, it's even extending to anyone's primary means of identification - our face and head...how much time do we spend changing or enhancing the appearance of our face and hair after we've already tried anything for quick weight loss on the rest of our body? And how much of this societal pressure actually influences men making changes to themselves? Not nearly as much.

Let's all make an effort this weekend (women and men) to appreciate what nature has given us. We are all beautiful and divine. Don't listen to anyone who tries to tell us otherwise!


Wendy said...

Woo Hoo, just the burst of divineness I needed!

Sarah said...

Sounds facinating. I'd love to hear how the class goes.

Shannon and Randy said...

Nice! I took a bunch of women studies classes in college that explored some similar issues. Sounds like an interesting class that wouldn't even feel like a class!