15 January 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I really liked numbered lists. They make life seem so...simple.
  2. Sometimes I think being home with Maggie may be turning my brain to mush. Right now? I'm not sure if there are ten things in there to write down.
  3. Good thing numbered lists are simple.
  4. We're going to a surprise birthday party tomorrow night and I'm not really happy with my wardrobe options. Anything I have that looks remotely fancy isn't as warm as the hoodie sweatshirts I usually wear. Duh.
  5. I like hearing that hubby still finds me attractive, so I should probably make the effort to wear something other than one of my hoodie sweatshirts, once in a while.
  6. I have a new hoodie at my mom's house!! Yay!!
  7. I realized today that when I come up with something of substance that I could write about here, I stop myself because it will either offend someone, or reveal something that I don't want some people IRL to hear. Go ahead and think either one is you, if you're paranoid ;) Just kidding. It's someone else.
  8. Some guy that's a total a-hole completely made himself look like the loser he is today. Give an idiot enough rope and they'll hang themself.
  9. I smelled a fireman on your car because that's how I roll. Just sayin.
  10. You haven't been subjected to as many of my 'to-do' lists lately because I finally got a desk calendar that I carry with me, clipped open to the appropriate week. On each day I write stuff I want to get done, then check it off. Go, organization!!

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