17 January 2010

Bonus Day!

Today feels completely like a bonus day tacked onto the weekend. Sure, plenty of people have tomorrow off to (MLK Day, of course), but we packed enough into yesterday that TODAY feels like my bonus. Go, me!

On our way out for the day we stopped at Kinko's (it will always be Kinko's to me...) and the post office for me to take care of some work stuff, then we headed to pick up Uncle Bunny. The four of us headed to the gun show. Maggie calls it going to see the 'crazy people.' She's not too far off.

I was hoping she'd fall asleep when we hit the road again, but no such luck. We went back to the house for a few minutes and an outfit change for Maggie. Our next stop was a surprise birthday party. There's nothing I appreciate like taking my toddler to the bar :D The party was at a brewpub where those younger than 21 are welcome until 9:00 PM. Since we were starting at 6:00 PM I was pretty confident we could have our fill of fun before then.

I was right! There were balloons that Maggie and a 'kid' (probably around nine or ten years old) played with, as well as pizza and cake. Since I'm not a big beer fan and that's what they had to offer, I just had one and passed the drinking torch on to hubby for the night. Once I got done driving the comfy company van home and dropping Uncle Bunny back at his home, we asked Maggie what she liked best about the party. She promptly said she liked that she got to drink pop. Who would have thought that my sharing a Faygo Rock & Rye could make her night like that?

And this is all from only one day! We did a lot, even if I didn't accomplish anything drastic or get dental implants Plano or solve world peace, it was a good day.

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