30 January 2010

Work from Home?

Tonight is the first night this year that my 'work from home' job is taking me, well, out of my home! It got me to thinking about all the different sorts of work from home jobs there are.

My job is direct sales. I do most of my work from home. I do some (by choice) away from home (like making my copies at Kinkos, for better quality and less wear and tear on my home machines). A lot of my contact with people is via the phone. The 'money-making' portion of my job is when I go to someone's home to do a chocolate tasting party. That's what tonight is, for me.
If I did something like hand calligraphy or first communion invitations, I may be able to have even less contact with people, but I think it would involve more discipline to actually have work done by a deadline.
Watching additional children in my home would be a whole different sort of working from home. Yes, I'd be staying home, but I'd have to share my space with kids who may not be as well behaved as my daughter is - seriously!

There are, of course, other options. But for me, direct sales is just the right amount of 'working from home' for me.


siteseer said...

there are a lot of choices out there. You've gotta do what works best for you.

work from home said...

Thats right, the options are unlimited and we need to identify what is a legit work at home opportunity and what isn't.

Working from home said...

I want to start working at home and your post helps me understand this business much better, Thanks and keep on writing!