15 January 2010

Will I Ever Stop?

I've finally started another grocery list. I'm not usually very good at them, and when I do make them I tend to forget them at home anyway, but somehow I've forgotten to pick up the best prenatal vitamin the last couple times I've gone shopping. No, I'm not pregnant, but a woman is supposed to keep taking them as long as she's breastfeeding as well. Luckily the ones my midwife recommended are available at the grocery store. I don't know if I could tolerate having to go to the pharmacy all the time for them. I feel like I've been taking them forever (by my calculations, it's been since early 2006). This should mean I'd have beautiful, healthy nails as well, but I think I posted about removing my own gel nails just before the holidays. My hands are still sporting ten bloody stumps where fingernails should be. Oops!


Tammy said...

I seem to do the same with grocery list. I make them then leave them at home when I head to the grocery store. Some think I have to work on.

Shannon and Randy said...

Hey, do you use the Rainbow prenatals? I have a few bottles that I bought but I'm using something else that helps with other issues I have. You are welcome to have them if that's what you use!

Becki said...

Yes, Shannon - those are the ones. That would be great, thanks :)