12 December 2009

My Twelfth Day of Christmas

Kind of anti-climactic, but I need some warm gloves! Preferably right now, as my wittle fingers are freezing! (Not that I could wear gloves now, in my office, while typing, but still...)
I have a pair of regular knit gloves right now, but I don't think they help much. And something that's a little bit thicker may resist being locked in every button and buckle on the car seat - hopefully!
I liked the gloves hubby found in the house a couple weeks ago, but he had them stuck in the door pocket on the car and they fell out while we were getting in or out last weekend. Now all we have is the right glove. Sad day :(
I'd like a new pair, and I promise to be careful not to lose one!


Jen said...

I have a rather large Rubbermaid container filled with unmatched gloves and mittens. Why can't they sell them in singles so you can buy the make when one gets lost. Next to socks and sun glasses I lose more mittens and gloves than anything else.

JT Locke -- The Frugal Housewife said...

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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your post in the Blog Hop tomorrow!

siteseer said...

Maybe we should make a string for your gloves too :)