11 December 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Social anxiety is a pain in the butt. A dozen friends just left my house, and I'm sitting here thinking about how I may have offended each and every one. :(
  2. I still haven't decided on a dessert to bring to the holiday party on Sunday (or next Friday, for that matter..).
  3. I really need to settle in my mind tonight/tomorrow what else to get for who for the holidays...hubby's last paycheck between now and Christmas was today. I keep thinking we're mostly done, and we are. But if I forgot anything? Now is the time to remember...
  4. Holiday cards are just about done. I'll get the stamps slapped on 'em so they can go in the mail tomorrow.
  5. I totally meant to get 2 X 3 frames today for a few pictures I have of my niece, but I accidentally got 4 X 6...again. (I think I still have the receipt and was actually considering going back to the store tomorrow. Hmm..)
  6. I'm using a lot of ellipses today...
  7. I think I'll sign Maggie up for gymnastics and swim class starting after the first of the year. Doesn't that sound like fun?
  8. It was hinted this evening that I may enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba a bit too much.
  9. I think there's still food in my kitchen from the party tonight, but I have absolutely zero desire to go deal with it.
  10. Christmas is two weeks from today!


Wendy said...

I have to chuckle about #1 cause that sounds just like something I would do... wow! I love you!

The Rudstroms said...

I have work anxiety. I'm sitting at home wondering how badly I offended the coworker I butted heads with at at the end of the day. Bummer way to end the day.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Don't worry, you didn't offend anyone! (I'd do the same thing too cousins!)

I also use a lot of ellipses...

Gymnastics and swim class sound awesome!

siteseer said...

first off, what's an ellipses? Silly me. second off, we all have some degree of anxiety disorder we just can't let it paralyze us. that said, I had a great time and look forward to next year's ornament exchange.