13 December 2009

I LOVE Redbox!

I totally was not planning on this post, but right now I had to just put out there how much I love Redbox!

I went to return Julie & Julia tonight and didn't have a good feeling when I saw the guy in front of me at the machine attempt to return his movie, then walk away still carrying it. Uh-oh! Sure enough, the machine was not accepting anything. No real error message; it just said try again, like I was doing something wrong (c'mon, it's not that complicated!).

I came home hoping to resolve it online, but the form wasn't working. I was optimistic though, as I've had positive experiences any time I've called their 800 number (once for a similar situation, and once to find a box to return a movie when I was out and about across town). The wait was a few minutes, but the representative apologized and explained that this is the busiest night for returns, and of course issues with returns. Makes sense.

Racquel assured me I'd only be charged for last night's rental, and I was fine as long as I returned the movie to any Redbox by Wednesday. She also said she was there if I had any other questions or concerns. And I have to admit I was also happy that she didn't sound like she was in India. She spoke in quick, fluent English and convinced me that she wanted me to be happy with Redbox. Then she thanked me for my business.

Thank you Redbox and Racquel! I'll be back :)

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Carolyn said...

I agree. Redbox rocks.