04 December 2009

My Fourth Day of Christmas

The fourth item on my list is a little more specific than it needs to be. I need a good make-up primer. This Twilight Freshface Glow was recommended in some magazine I've read lately (maybe Parents?). Anyway, if you have another suggestion, please drop it here!

And if this is what you're good at, I'm also searching for a great under-eye moisturizer. I'm using Oil of Olay's 7-something right now, but even putting it on multiple times a day isn't alleviating the dry skin under my left eye. Yes, just my left eye. What can I say, apparently I'm a freak.


Tammy said...

I like the idea of a freshface glow. Who about a whole face lift. Looks like a good product to me.

siteseer said...

are you hydrating enough from the inside? just asking... don't know of anything else

Two Lines On a Stick said...

Two recommendations for you-

Primer: Avon Magix Face Perfector ($10 full price but goes on sale for $7.99 quite often) it works great!

Eye cream: Avon Anew Ultimate Age Repair Eye Contouring System ($30-ish but I have one I can send you for my cost if you want it). It is a lot more moisturizing than other eye creams because it's made for older ladies... but it works really well :)

daisy said...

For moisturizer I've tried all kinds in between using Clinque's Yellow Lotion...I ALWAYS come back to Clinique.

I use a makeup primer (Bare Escentuals) and I think a primer really does make it last throughout the day.