05 December 2009

My Fifth Day of Christmas

So this one is mostly for hubby - he's the only one who should be buying me diamonds, right? These diamond earrings I think are actually a little bigger than the next pair I want. I have multiple piercings in each ear and I'm putting graduated diamonds with the smallest at the top and bigger ones on the way down (there are three holes on one side and four on the other). So far I've got one itty bitty diamond and one big diamond in one ear, and a matching big diamond in the other ear. I don't want one any bigger, so I need one between the itty bitty and the big. Oh, the problems I have, eh? :P


Juniper said...

Yeah, sucks to be you, girlfriend. ;-) Those look gorgeous. I love the idea of multiple diamonds in each ear. It just seems... edgy and classy at the same time, know what I mean?

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siteseer said...

I didn't think diamonds could be too big lol