03 December 2009

My Third Day of Christmas

This? Is just too perfect for me. A hooded sweatshirt (which I love to wear almost every day, except I only own two) - and this one already says, "Maggie's Mommy." Yup. That's me. This looks like it would fit in a medium, but over other stuff would probably be perfectly cozy in a large.
I actually browsed and browsed at Cafe Press for a hooded sweatshirt that would say something I'd want to say. I looked at all the natural birth ones, and the breastfeeding support ones. There were a few that looked decent, but Maggie's Mommy was the truest one there :)


siteseer said...

do these say other things like Becki's Mommy? I looked on the site, but couldn't see where you change the name ??

B Boys Mom said...

Looks like the perfect gift for you.

Becki said...

Search on Cafe Press! They have some other names - I didn't look for Becki's Mom :)