03 December 2009

My Third Day of Christmas

This? Is just too perfect for me. A hooded sweatshirt (which I love to wear almost every day, except I only own two) - and this one already says, "Maggie's Mommy." Yup. That's me. This looks like it would fit in a medium, but over other stuff would probably be perfectly cozy in a large.
I actually browsed and browsed at Cafe Press for a hooded sweatshirt that would say something I'd want to say. I looked at all the natural birth ones, and the breastfeeding support ones. There were a few that looked decent, but Maggie's Mommy was the truest one there :)


siteseer said...

do these say other things like Becki's Mommy? I looked on the site, but couldn't see where you change the name ??

Tammy said...

Looks like the perfect gift for you.

Becki said...

Search on Cafe Press! They have some other names - I didn't look for Becki's Mom :)