06 October 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


I think my blog is mostly random thoughts. Does this mean I should only be posting on Tuesdays?

I was planning to start working out this morning. But then I didn't sleep much (with Maggie's cooperation, of course). The workout calls for three times a week, so I can start tomorrow and still say I started this week anyway, right?

Wow. Maggie screamed and screamed and didn't want to go to sleep unless one of us was sitting in there. Now that she's asleep, the silence is deafening and I want to go check on her (but I don't dare!).

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Some relatives are in from out of town, and everyone is meeting up at my parent's house tomorrow. It'll be fun to see folks I haven't seen in years!

After dinner tonight, Maggie sat in her high chair and counted her chow mein noodles. Without any prompting from us, she got to ELEVEN! Go, Maggie :) I think we have Mimi to credit with most of her counting lately ;)

Well, I just found out that someone is coming by tomorrow morning to get our old couches. Yay! But that means I need to get up and dressed by the crack of 10:00 AM. Yes, it's good to have goals.


Michelle said...

Gosh, I remember those sleepless nights. I don't miss them a bit. It seem like it's taken me 5 years to catch up on all the missed sleep. Good luck on the work out.

siteseer said...

I still haven't caught up on my sleep lol. Eleven!!! wow

Kris said...

Next week is the perfect time to start working out. ;)

Way to go Maggie on the counting! That's great!

Katherine said...

Maggie is a smart girl!!! Don't you love it when they grow and change so quickly?