16 October 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. We girls have made it through most of the week without hubby/daddy! (He's returning over the weekend.)
  2. My hands are getting so dry already - what will I do when winter actually gets here??
  3. Funny story? Hubby may end up with a bunch of free skivvies, when I'm the one who needs them! I ordered him a pack to come with my new t-shirts and stuff, and his one measly pack was sliced open with a pair missing. Seriously, how does this happen? They must be floating around a warehouse somewhere, but the customer service lady laughed along with me and said she'll get a new pack sent out right away. So instead of four pair, he'll end up with seven - and he didn't really need ANY! Hahahaha...
  4. I'm finally running low on chocolate supplies...I think I've been munching on too much of my inventory ;)
  5. Maggie saw her first Yo Gabba Gabba ever this week. She enjoyed it, but wouldn't get up and dance with them all just yet. I? Was sort of freaked out by Jack Black in the stretchy orange jumpsuit thing...
  6. I'm having a decent Farkle week. We'll see what next week holds.
  7. It's supposed to warm up next week too. I suppose I should be happy, since I've been chronically cold for weeks already, but I worry about all the weather changes kicking off a headache for me or hubby. Headaches suck.
  8. My friends and I were doing a pretty good job doing regular play dates for a while, but now it's all sort of faded away. Other than school each week and a trip to the library every couple of weeks, we're not getting out enough. I blame it on the cold, and my cold that has been hanging on for weeks. I don't want everyone thinking I'm contaminating them and their kids!
  9. I miss free chocolate Fridays :( No point in explaining them now - you missed em and you may not even know it. Very sad indeed.
  10. Since we've seen The Little Mermaid way too many times this week, I have to ask - where is her mother? (And the rest of the Disney cartoon mothers, for that matter?...) Poor Maggie hasn't noticed she's missing, but at the end when Triton the sea king goes back to the sea, she wails, "Daddy! Daddy!" in much the same manner as when she talks about Nemo. Weird.


siteseer said...

you have a lot of 'random' going on. Bring lots of warm stuff to wear this weekend. We'll keep the campfires going.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

My hands are super dry too - they've never been this bad before!

I vaguely remember a whole thesis someone did on the Disney no moms issue, try googling it. It's pretty sad though, it does seem like they had issues with good moms.