16 October 2009

KettleWorx Works!

I was recently provided with the KettleWorx DVDs and Kettlebell to offer my review of their program. In a nutshell, it's great!

The package I received consisted of an e-book that primarily outlined an eating plan for the six-week workout and stressed the importance of the garbage-in/garbage-out philosophy. Another thing that stood out to me in the book was the recommendation that in order to transform your body, you'd need an attitude shift. No more going around talking about your inability to lose weight or get in shape - that's 'Fatitude'! For the six weeks of the workout, at least, you'd need a 'Ripitude' - the attitude that you could accomplish your fitness goals, and you would!

The DVD workouts were great! Each of the three main DVDs (Cardio, Core and Resistance) has six different 20-minute workouts. The whole six-week program will be completed without doing the same workout twice! I've been rotating the DVDs so that on Mondays I do Cardio, Wednesdays I do Core and Fridays I do Resistance. When I pop in the DVD, there are six workouts to choose from - I just pick the number of the week I'm on. I've finished two weeks so far, and I feel great!

If you're looking for a workout that is easy enough to keep up with, doesn't take much time (just 20 minutes three times a week), but leaves you feeling like you're accomplishing your fitness goals, I'd recommend the KettleWorx program!


Tammy said...

This sound really interesting. I have seen these kettle type of weights on biggest loser.

Anonymous said...

I have a kettlebell that I need to get back into doing!

siteseer said...

I'd like to try that. I think it would really work on the middle (my middle that is)