21 August 2009

Yay!! Another Friday!!

Free Chocolate Friday!! Thanks, Mars! And now, a few words from the generous folks at Mars, who are giving free chocolate to another 250,000 lucky folks today:

How to Spot Fake Chocolate:

A telltale sign is the wording on the packaging. For 100% real, authentic chocolate, look for the words "milk chocolate," "Semi-sweet chocolate" or "Bittersweet chocolate." On the other hand, it's probably not real if you see the words, "chocolate flavor," "chocolate coating," "chocolaty," or "made with chocolate." And beware of packaging that implies chocolate, but doesn't even mention it.. Would it be cheaper for us to use vegetable oil? Yes. Would it be real chocolate? No. The next time you're choosing your chocolate, check the label. Chances are you could be getting something that's, well, fake. If it's Mars, you know it's real chocolate.

What can you count on your chocolate lady for if not free chocolate, right?
Additionally, starting in September I'll be sending out a monthly newsletter about new developments, products and other fun stuff over at Dove (which, by the way, is part of Mars - so all the mouth-watering comments above still apply). If you're interested, please send your name and email address to ILoveFreeChocolate at gmail.com with Chocolate Newsletter in the subject line.

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