21 August 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Before I forget, I'm in a fantasy football league and know a little less than nothing about football. Anyone in particular I should be trying to get in the draft?
  2. I wish the weather would cool off just a bit so Maggie could wear her awesome pink sweater with the fuzz around the hood and cuffs. She's too young to suffer for fashion, so it will have to be less than 80 degrees out before I dress her in heavy knits ;)
  3. My washer and dryer are both EMPTY right now! Woo-hoo!
  4. My hair is already getting too long to style. Grr.... Hopefully I can at least get it to look presentable tomorrow since we've got two different parties to go to.
  5. I see some chocolate candy making in my future! I have some of our new gingerbread sucker molds and some of our new reusable textured transfer sheets that I haven't yet used. I want samples from both for my parties coming up :)
  6. Writing can be incredibly emotionally draining. I'm hoping it feels better once I finish. I'm trying to write about some stuff I'd rather not discuss, and the reliving is kicking my butt! I feel like I could sleep for a week already :(
  7. I actually got some stuff picked up in my office this week. Baby steps...baby steps...
  8. Maggie slept through the night last night - yay! Hopefully she's back to her old ways of sleeping 12 hours each night without interruption.
  9. My cat has the most matted back ever. We need to get her to the groomer again. Anyone willing to book a chocolate show so I can pay for that? Hahaha...
  10. Does it officially mean I'm old if I'm contemplating going to bed early because it's Friday and I made it through the week?


Mom said...

Congrats on the empty laundry machines. That's pretty amazing.

Well - actually - my washer and dryer are currently empty, too. There are still piles of laundry to be done, but nothing is actually in any of the machines.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I don't think it means you're old if you want to go to bed early. Cuz I'm NOT old, and I'm the same way. I actually made it through a movie last night and stayed up til 10 (late for me!)