02 December 2008

My Second Day of Christmas

Here's an easy one that caught my eye in the Avon catalog I got with my order a couple weeks ago. I like the sample and would like some more of the Bond Girl 007 perfume.

By the way, if you want anything from Avon, check out Tara's site!


Anonymous said...

Which catalog did you get? 24 or 25? 25 has a REALLY NICE new men's cologne, it's called Unscripted and it's by Patrick Dempsey. It also includes lots of pictures of him in that book :)

siteseer said...

They had a lot of cool stuff this season. Gotta check out that scent.

Tammy said...

I love Avon! I had to make sure and get to your blog today just to see what was on your list for today.