02 December 2008

My Second Day of Christmas

Here's an easy one that caught my eye in the Avon catalog I got with my order a couple weeks ago. I like the sample and would like some more of the Bond Girl 007 perfume.

By the way, if you want anything from Avon, check out Tara's site!


Two Lines On a Stick said...

Which catalog did you get? 24 or 25? 25 has a REALLY NICE new men's cologne, it's called Unscripted and it's by Patrick Dempsey. It also includes lots of pictures of him in that book :)

siteseer said...

They had a lot of cool stuff this season. Gotta check out that scent.

B Boys Mom said...

I love Avon! I had to make sure and get to your blog today just to see what was on your list for today.