03 December 2008

My Third Day of Christmas

Kind of a big one today. I love the Doc Martens I have, but the ones that are comfortable are 14-eye. Translation: Give me a half hour notice before you want to leave the house. I have a shorter pair, but they have an uncomfortable pointy toe. I used to have some rounded toe short ones, but they were a fabric overlay thingy instead of all leather, so they pretty much disintegrated from too much love.

So without further ado, I would like these:
the 1460 WOMENS BLACK MINI TYDEE in a size UK 5.


Twyla said...

I have a slight Doc addiction too. But I on the other hand am in love with the new 14 holes LOL I want these... http://www.journeys.com/catalog_detail.aspx?c=girls&s=shoes/Boots&id=94040

I am glad to know I am not the only grown up still infatuated with these! hehe

Momstart said...

I love this, you're not giving stuff away but you're doing you're own days of Christmas.

I'm having some giveaways if you want to stop in

Tammy said...

You will by styling in these.

Michelle said...

Just love these boots. Their adorable. So my style.