16 September 2008

Yay for Fall!!

I don't know if I've mentioned here before how much I love office supplies. Given this, I'm sure you can imagine how much I love back-to-school time! I get to watch others join my ongoing organizing frenzy. One of the best things I ever bought has been my label maker. I got right to work with it and labeled the containers in my kitchen cupboards, binders of information in my office and even my cat and my daughter!

Speaking of my daughter, that's something else I can look forward to organizing - her school stuff. My label maker will work great for labeling her stuff that I don't want getting mixed up with other kids' stuff, or even just to label her right shoe as different from her left.

One thing I can do nearly every day with my label maker is to label the containers in the fridge that I set aside for my husband's lunch. If they're restaurant leftovers, I can put not only what is in the container, but when it is from so we can be sure to eat it while it's still reasonably fresh.

While I could talk about office supplies, back to school, labeling and organizing all day long, it's time to practice what I'm preaching. I'm off to label my file folders for my chocolate biz!


Tammy said...

Now that you mention it, office supplies are fun. I could spend a lot of time and money at Office Max or Staples. I have seen how much fun you can have with a label machine. Maybe I need one too!

Shannon and Randy said...

I share the love for my label maker as well. It just looks so much better when it's printed!shannon

Anonymous said...

I love back to school time. I buy for me. It is a very crazy addiction. I have a little shelf in my studio just for my cute little back to school items. Maybe it is because I have boys. I buy the cute little pink, green, etc. colors.

Anonymous said...

Ha! It's genetic - felt like I could have typed that post myself - make me a label - "Self proclaimed labelholic" But I'm only as organized if I'm interested in what I'm organizing 8) Happy Labeling.

siteseer said...

I have great organizing "ideas" now to find the time to do it and the real problem of "keeping it up".