16 September 2008

Drama and BS!

So there's something I've got to get off my chest. Feel free to skip this post if you're as tired of high-school drama as I've gotten.

There's this forum I belong to (I'll call it Drunken Crazy, or DC for short). I've been on it since July of 2003. That's a long time! Most of the people on the forum are at least a few years younger than me, and they're primarily male. I would think this would eliminate some of the high-strung bitchiness that girls are known for, but it hasn't.

I think it was last year some time that all hell started breaking loose. See, the webmaster, who I'll call B for convenience, was having a hard time keeping his wee-wee where it belonged. He had a girl on the forum that he was getting busy with. She was a really great girl. Still is, actually. Anyway, he took his time seducing her, visited her several states away a few times, and really gave the idea that he was sincerely into her. Oh yeah, he also had a 'local' girlfriend. Whoops.

Someone on the forum found out about the local girl who wasn't on the forum. And took it upon themself to tell the girl on the forum, as well as an assortment of other forum members. When B found out, he decided someone had to pay. Yes, someone else had to pay for his indiscretion. Huh. How...political.

So B picked a rather outspoken member and banned him. On the forum, B posted that this member was involved in business that was not his own and was banned fairly. Off the forum? The member had to call other people to find out why he was banned. See, there were several people forwarding messages and pictures with the 'proof' of B's infidelity, but the banned member wasn't one of them.

Fast forward to just a couple months ago. The previously banned member came back under a different name. About half the forum knew it was him and were happy to have him back. Unfortunately, one of the members who was involved in all the gossip the first time around used her 'sleuthing' skills to find that it was the banned member, and worked to have him banned again (okay, I don't know that for sure, but she did already accuse him of being the banned member).

Yesterday, it worked. A cool guy has been banned twice (well, permanently twice, I think he'd been banned for limited times too for being outspoken). I don't know that I want to hang out at DC so much anymore if our responsibility there is to be pretty brash to most members, but don't ever say anything against B and his wandering dick. My philosophy? The girl there that causes most of the drama will never be banned, because a relative of hers takes care of a lot of server stuff for the forum. So B has to keep blaming someone else (besides her) for causing the drama. Nevermind the fact that the 'drama' exists because he acts like a man-slut.

I know at least three readers are going to totally know who is who in this little story, and I'm pretty sure they agree with me too. Sorry, just had to get all that off my chest, but I can't quit the forum til I see the Breakfast Club win the movie elimination challenge. I think it's time to entertain myself with movie elimination challenges at a new forum. Just sayin...


Anonymous said...

ha ha [/nelson]

I am so glad I left that joint. What's it been, almost two years now? I do miss talking to the "gang" on a regular basis though. And when I say "gang" you know who's on that list. :)

I'm astonished more people haven't left, and that no one else has put this to word outside that forum.

Well done!

Oh, F changing the names to protect the "innocent". Call 'em out, Yo!

Anonymous said...

A certain X member of DC, I'll call him VD called and informed me of this awesome story.

I really enjoyed it, plus I still have 7 lives left. Righty-O!! :oP


Tammy said...

It sure sounds like a soup opera!

Bryan said...

Awesome. It was good to have you back for a while there, FTK.

Anonymous said...

Wow, well put. Amen to the comments about the girl causing the mischief, let's call her 'A'. You're spot on as to why she's still around. Not to mention the fact that A's friend actually hooked up with B. But that's all water under the bridge.

The worst thing I ever did was join that site (although I did make some real, lasting friendships) and the best thing I ever did was leave it.

DC is really just a place for B to wave his dick around and have it, and his ego, stroked on a daily basis. Any illusions we ever had about it being a place for all of us to chill, a place that was different than other forums, have hopefully been erased.

Anonymous said...

I'd venture at least four people know.

I was glad to see you back as well. Next time you should come back as a cun...girl.

Garrett said...

Checking in... I read this yesterday, thanks to Becki sharing it with me. I've been having fun poking at the gayness that has ensued recently.

godaddy.com, anybody? :-)


Unknown said...

"Best new member we have had here in a while."

This whole thing is ridiculous. The fact that B took A's word for it in the first place especially. That whore is responsible for word getting out in the first place, not that B was doing that great a job hiding it.

When pics of B's hometown were posted, I was shocked that there were hotels there. I'm pretty sure that B said there werent any to keep M from coming there and finding out about the old ugly bitch. (Sorry, couldnt abreviate that one.)


Anonymous said...

B sounds like a sore LOSER who can't take responsbility for his actions. How immature he must be!