08 September 2008

A Couple Pictures from Tonight

Not that it was an exciting night or anything - just Maggie and I hanging out at home. Unfortunately, I've figured out that my old camera is probably in desperate need of some sort of tune-up or something, since everything I take is blurry. Sorry. :)

Oh yeah, and most of them are kind of dark too. Here's Maggie and I sitting in the hallway. She backed that thing up and plopped down on my lap. I love when she does that. It's probably good that my face is dark and blurry in this picture. Just sayin...

After some rearranging, Maggie's old bumbo chair has come back into circulation. She climbs right in it, sits for a few minutes, then climbs back out. She is wearing a diaper in this picture, but that's all. We'd just finished her bath so she'll be fresh for our road trip tomorrow.

Only three more wake ups til we see daddy again!!


gail said...

You guys are so cute!

Hf said...

isn't it funny how things get back into circulation? When we brought out all the baby stuff, M. just asumed they were for him. The baby swing, still swings a 3 yr old.

siteseer said...

Love the pictures. Can't wait for Daddy.

Unknown said...

Your daughter is adorable. Sooo cute!

I had that chair too and it was the best! I sat her on the kitchen counter while I was dishes.

You're both beautiful.

Anyway, passing by... Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I tried the recipe. It is great.

I finally got around to posting the award you passed along. It has been some more crazy two weeks.