10 September 2008

Fabulous Fun!!!

Sonja and Jakey totally rock! Maggie and I had so much fun with them yesterday. Unfortunately my camera still isn't cooperating, but check out the shot Sonja got of Maggie and I with the birds! At the Newport Aquarium, where we spent most of the afternoon, they have a bird section. At the entry, you can buy nectar to feed the birds. I didn't really know what I was getting into, but I followed blindly. If three-year-old Jakey can handle it, so can I, right? As soon as I got past the doorway, the birds all came at once! Maggie was okay until one landed on her head. I have never seen such terror in my poor baby's eyes. She didn't scream or cry, she just froze up. After the bird moved on to other prey, she just shook and chewed on her finger for a few more minutes. I kept the birds off her head after that, and by the time the picture was taken she was her regular chillin self again.

We had a great time with Sonja and Jakey all day - can't wait to do it again!!

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Anonymous said...

hahahah. That was a cute picture. Did you get pooped on?