17 June 2008

Yay!! I Got Tagged :)

I think I may be a bit of a meme whore, but when I'm trying to keep all the balls in the air in this juggling act of working and being mom and wife, it's often a lot easier to answer questions then independently come up with an idea of what to write about, you know?

I've been tagged by J.C. for the 15 Years in a Nutshell meme. The challenge is to summarize the last 15 years of my life in ten bullet points, then tag five people to do the same. Here goes!

  • 1993? I had finished my ABA, but had no idea what I wanted to do since I'd dropped out before doing my BBA, as originally planned. I was floundering, plain and simple.
  • 1993 - I got married and divorced. Not much to say about it, really, and it frequently doesn't even come up in these sorts of summaries.
  • 1997 - I went to visit my little brother away at college, and met the man I ended up marrying nine years later. But right then? I'd brought the guy I ended up dating on and off for like seven years total. He and my now-husband got along great :)
  • 2001 - I finally finished my BBA. Whoop-dee-doo.
  • 2002 - Having hit 30 without a long-term man or any prospect of a child, I briefly considered fostering. But I was still drinking a lot and partying, and knew I couldn't give enough at the time. I wrote off the idea of ever having kids, since I was old and single. A lot of people still throw this in my face when I see them now. Assholes.
  • 2004 - Through the mysteries of the internet, my now-husband and I met again. We hang out on an internet forum that my brother invited us both to. Another member of the forum was in town, and we all got together for dinner. Hubby and I have been inseparable ever since.
  • 2004 - Hubby said some of the best news he ever heard was that I had already been married and divorced. (Never mind that it was before I even met him the first time.) Since we'd met, he'd done the same. Now we just say we had gotten our starter marriages out of the way.
  • Still 2004 - I moved in with hubby after being mostly unemployed for most of the year. He said he didn't want to get married again, and I said that was fine. Then he said he wanted kids and I said heck no. Not without a ring on my finger, buddy.
  • 2006 - We eloped :)
  • 2007 - At 35, I finally gave birth to our first daughter. After thinking that 30 was too old, I'm ready for a couple more, hopefully before I'm 40.

I figure the bullet points are just the catch up. Once we've got that down, I'll talk non-stop about the love of my life, and our bundle of joy together. :)

Now I get to tag more:
Jake cuz he's new to the blogosphere, so we really don't know much about him more than a few weeks ago ;)
Michelle cuz she's another Michigan girl.
Tammy cuz she's had kids the whole time, so she can't say that's what she'd rather talk about, like some of us did.
Michelle cuz she was the same age as me when she had her first daughter.
Amanda cuz I don't know much about her, but I want to :)


Amanda West said...

Give me a week and I'll post one!! ;o)

Michelle said...

Okay, I got the tag. This is going to be a hard one.

Tammy said...

I did mine it's posted :)