15 June 2008


Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was the beginning of a good, busy weekend.

Friday once I crammed in my 4.25 hours of work, baby Maggie and I went to pick her Daddy up from work. (If anyone knows of any small business opportunitites where I don't have to do this pesky work stuff, and just collect money? Let me know...) Once Daddy was with us, we headed out to lunch at one of my FAVORITE places (Red Knapps...I think it's a chain, but not a big one). I ate all but about three green beans from my plate.

Once we got to the cottage, I was hoping some of my birthday luck would make the boat run right. No luck. But at least it's a different - hopefully more diagnos-able and fixable - problem. And better yet? Hubby refused to let the silly boat make him grumpy on my birthday. Yay!

Friday night after we got home, a friend of ours arrived from Pennsylvania (well, actually he's from India, but he's been in PA since April, so he technically arrived most recently from there...). We only caught up for a few minutes before he went to sleep on our couch and we went to bed hours past Maggie's bed time. Luckily she didn't make us pay for it too much over the rest of the weekend. (Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon on that one.)

(Wow. I'm using a lot of parentheses....)

Saturday morning after getting Hubby's hair cut, we all headed to Greenfield Village. They were having a car show for Fathers' Day weekend. I got some sun, and Maggie didn't - which was our goal. Maggie went on her first carousel ride. I'll get some pictures up on that soon. Right now she's trying to pull stuff off my desk, so I probably shouldn't go in the other room to get the camera. Just sayin.

Today we had breakfast at Denny's with our friend on his way out of town, then hit up Target for a Fathers' Day gift for FIL on our way to the lunch SIL was preparing for us all. It was really nice, and hubby and I even got a couple more birthday gifts!

I think this is the first time I've sat down all weekend (although I am now technically working on laundry so hubby can leave on his business trip in the morning with clean clothes). We're definitely having a good time and enjoying the warmer weather! Yay for spring/summer!!


Michelle said...

Wow, Sounds like you had a busy weekend but a fun one.

Tammy said...

Sound like you and the hubby and a great birthday/Fathers Day weekend. Let me know if you find that job where you just collect the money.