19 June 2008

Please Vote for Maggie!

Click here. And you can vote every day, so do it again tomorrow ;)

There is a rather annoying exit pop-up...sorry!

UPDATE: Sorry - only try to vote for Maggie if you have a lot of spare time to opt out of crap. Apparently it's a total scam :( Sorry again.

We still know she's the cutest!


Tammy said...

She sure is cute!!!

Michelle said...

Gosh, every time I see a new picture she gets more adorable. Great photo.

Anonymous said...

Okay, she IS the cutest! Too bad the contest is such a booger to participate in.

Gregory Anderson said...

What a precious girl you have!

Anonymous said...

hopping here.. I am looking for the cutest baby in town.. if you think that your baby is cute enough to join the contest, check out the rules and how to join at www.vhielscorner.com.

I hope to see your baby in the contest. :0)