20 June 2008

Haiku Friday

Wow! My baby girl
nearly walks around the room
Lovey Bear in tow.

One step...another...
nothing to hold onto now!
She lunges at me.

Still doesn't believe
she's ready to walk alone.
Soon she'll realize it.

Yup. My baby, who will be 11-months-old next week, is almost walking. She zips around the room, or down the hall looking for me, with just one hand resting on the furniture or the wall. She's getting used to standing by herself now - last week she would stand for a minute with a toy in both hands, then get this panicked look on her face when she noticed she was standing alone and suddenly sit down. Silly girl! Now standing is 'no big thang.' And I know walking will soon follow...


Kat said...

And it all starts here! :)

Anonymous said...

WTG Miss M! Soon she will be zooming all over the house... and, into your stuff. ;)

Karen Coutu said...

It sounds like she's going to keep you running very soon. What an exciting milestone!

Mandie said...

I'm so not looking forward to mobility.