17 April 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Seventh Edition

Today? Thirteen things I've spent my PayPal money on. See, my PayPal money is pretty much what I make here, through paid ads and such. Since I work from home for not a lot of money, I wouldn't have any spending money if it wasn't for this! So here's some of the stuff I've bought with this money in the last month or so.

1. My new Mominatrix shirt. RAWR!

2. Lunch while I was out driving around/running errands, etc. One of my great 'me time' secrets is that frequently, after we go to LLL meetings, Maggie usually falls asleep in the car (since the meeting overlaps the regular start of her nap). Once this happens, I drive-thru somewhere, get lunch, and pull into any old parking lot or park to eat and read the book I've planned ahead enough to bring. :)

3. 7-11 runs are also very convenient with my wonderful PayPal debit card. Lately, I like to grab a Cherry Coke. Yum! I had given up caffeine when I was pregnant with Maggie, and didn't start up again til she was six-months old.

4. My other yumminess from 7-11? The new 3 Musketeers Dark Chocolate with Mint bars. Tasty! It faked me out the first time because I was afraid it was broken - there's actually two little bars in there instead of one big one. Don't know why, but it means a little bit more chocolate, right?

5. A new indulgence of mine whenever I have somewhere to go in the morning (church, last week I had to go to the office one day), especially either with the husband or without the baby, for convenience sake, is Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai.

6. An evening treat for hubby and I is 'squishees' from 7-11. We actually have two 7-11s each less than a half mile from our house. If he and his friend go for a walk in the evening, they'll usually bring back a frozen, fruity treat for me. If I go out without the baby, I have two hands free to bring em back for him. :)

7. Very similar to #2 on the list, sometimes I'll drive-thru Taco Bell instead.

8. Stamps. Yeah, sorry. Practical, boring postage stamps.

9. I can do some serious damage (once I build up a bit of a balance) at one of my very favorite stores - TARGET! Besides Maggie's current cute lil shoes, I've also recently gotten a gift for a friend, greeting cards, odds and ends for myself, and diapers there...not all of them got paid for with my PayPal, but a lot of them did!

10. There sure is a lot of food on this list! I love the current specials for pizza at Hungry Howie's. We get two small pizza with one topping, AND an order of Howie bread, for just $10. I always spend a little extra to get the cream cheese dipping sauce with the bread, and an extra topping on my pizza (usually to get mushrooms and bacon...).

11. Yeah, you guessed it. More food. Hahahaha... Hubby isn't a big fan, so another good lunch haunt for me is Kentucky Fried Chicken. This isn't so smooth for eating in the car, though, so I usually bring it home. But I still use the plastic spork, because that's how KFC should be eaten.

12. I think this is just a Michigan restaurant, but hubby and I really like it. A couple weeks ago I was able to treat us both to dinner at Brann's. My favorite of their mottos on the wall? "Free Beer - Yesterday." Hahahaha...Yeah. I have a quirky sense of humor that way.

13. Last but certainly not least - I got part of my brother's birthday present at Best Buy with my PayPal debit card. See? Not everything is about me!


Tammy said...

For being so skinny you have a lot of food item's on your list! I can't wait till I can spend my PPP money. Happy TT

siteseer said...

That's a great list. Maybe I'll start that PP thing when I get back from my trip. lol Maybe I'll NEED to start it when I get back. Happy TT

Michelle said...

Great stuff to spend your hard earned money on. Love Kentucky friend chicken. My hubby is also not a fan. Have to beg him to stop and get it for dinner. LOL!!

Holly said...

Ha ha - I'll have to do this for my Freebie Force money! (they pay every two weeks - hooray!)

Are you going to watch the Rock of Love Reunion show? Wonder if Ambre and Brett are still together?