18 April 2008

Haiku Friday

Floating butterfly,
Ready for summer to come.
Sweetly singing bird.

Grass is turning green,
Spring quickly turns to summer.
Trees are budding now.

Counting the days til
"Too hot" replaces "Too cold."
Summer comes to Michigan.

Personally, I'd rather have too hot than too cold, but there's a lot of people (like hubby) who are the opposite. I guess too hot would bother me, but nearly everywhere has air conditioning, and I'm usually a bit colder than everyone else, so my too hot is seldom reached, if that makes any sense...


Anonymous said...

I definitely prefer the heat... I guess I have no choice, seeing as how I live in Texas!

siteseer said...

I'm the opposite. The heat just makes me melt into a puddle. The cold I can always grab another layer. Isn't this a wonderful world where we can all be different and co exist :)

siteseer said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have a Haiku too. Come see it.

Kat said...

I love summer haikus! I just can't wait for hot weather!

evel dread said...

I'm a fall/winter girl but, this time of year is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I used to prefer hot to cold, but now I just don't know...why can't it just be 72 and sunny everyday???

Amanda West said...

Um, just come to visit AZ in about three months then you'll be "too hot"!! It's only really bad for a few months... the rest of the year is perfect!!

My hubby can't stand the cold... or rain!!

Tumblewords: said...

I totally agree - too hot is far better than too cold. Summer is my fave space! Nice haiku!!