05 April 2008

Greener Grass

So you've heard about how happy I am when I'm finally home again. And how much I stress about getting ready for trips. So why is it, when I'm home for like two whopping weekends in a row, I start thinking about packing up my Swiss Army luggage and hitting the road again?

Luckily we've got plans from now til about the middle of summer, so I shouldn't have time to do much more than look forward to what's coming next, and hang on and enjoy the ride! Tonight we're going to a Western-themed service auction for church. It's a pretty cool concept that I hadn't seen before. We paid $20 each (for tickets in advance, or they would be $25 at the door), and that includes our dinner and beer and wine. At the auction, there's a silent auction for gift baskets and stuff (I'm assuming). But then the highlight is the auction of like 60 items - all donated, mostly by church members. The church gets the money (of course). The items are a lot of quirky stuff - like a ride on Mr. Jones' boat, or a BBQ party at the Williams', or auto maintenance from Mrs. Brown (who's a mechanic as her day-job). You get the idea :) We don't have anything to wear that's 'Western,' but I figure jeans will be perfect, and that's most of my wardrobe! Hahaha

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siteseer said...

glad you had a good time. We did too.