06 April 2008


The service auction Saturday night was a good time. Hubby and I ended up getting: a Girls' Bunco night (never played, but they promise it's fun); a card-making workshop; four tickets to the Detroit Science Center; $15 to a coney island; a piece of torte cake; and a Jelly Belly dispenser, all for $69 total. Woo-hoo!!

Today we took Maggie to the MetroParents CoverKids search. It was fun. We got a t-shirt, some coupons for the mall, and a commemortive photo that will be available online in a few days. I didn't even notice when they announce the actual cover kids for next year. It would be cool if Maggie was a cover kid, but they stress all the way through the event that they just want everyone to have fun. I can do that :) We also entered for her to win a big ole gift basket from Radio Disney. I think she said they'll call tomorrow when we win (I got my optimistic streak from my mom! Hahaha).

What a busy weekend! I'm sure there will be plenty more like it now that the weather is getting nicer! We can quit hibernating and go out and LIVE!! Yay!!


Anonymous said...

She definitely could be a cover girl!!!

siteseer said...

Can't wait to see the photo.

Tammy said...

I think you will get a call too! Maggie is just that cute!