04 April 2008

Haiku Friday

Oh no! It's Friday!
I almost forgot to do
my Haiku - close call!

We went out for lunch.
A short trip to see Daddy,
coney dog and fries.

Home, tired baby.
Back to work time for Mommy.
Break time is over.

I kept expecting to be off work for longer than this, so we promised to go out for lunch with Daddy today. I keep my promises, especially when I'm looking forward to them too ;)

And a picture of Maggie...just cuz ;)


Amanda West said...

Her smile is sooo contageous!! What a happy baby!! ;o)

~LuAnne said...

Maggie Moo, I love that picture! I remember a similar one when Hannah was starting this stage, with a blue laundry basket!! I miss you deary!

Tiffany said...

I LOVE the just 'cuz pictures. She is too precious!

siteseer said...

too cute!!! Gotta love that happy baby. And look at that stance. "I got it I got it". And yup she does.

Anonymous said...

Fun haiku, and wow, another Maggie! We are rare but all super cute and fabulous, you know ;)